Re: Medical Cannabis Coverage Reduction for Veterans


On May 22, 2017, Veteran’s Affairs Canada reduced the amount of medical cannabis covered by VAC, from ten grams daily to three grams.

Many veterans have conditions that require treatment with medical cannabis. Physical injuries and ailments like chronic pain are prevalent amongst veterans. Many veterans also use cannabis to treat mental conditions such as insomnia, anxiety and PTSD.

Veteran’s Affairs Canada will still cover up to ten grams of cannabis, if the need is proven by a specialist. The wait for specialist appointment can be very long. We are here to shorten the wait.

If you need to see a licensed physician to be reassessed, we can help. We can refer you to a physician that can assess and evaluate your individual needs. HBB Medical is a veteran-owned family-run company and we are proud to offer this service to those who have served our country.

Please reach out to any of our shops for details. See Fredericton, Moncton or Dartmouth to book an appointment. Addresses and contact info at

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